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Weds 1st February


Today Bury Council voted to remain within the GMSF process.


You can watch the live video stream here :

see below for details of speech timings and votes


That's Manchester interviewed James Mason and Councillor Shori to get their views on the outcome That's Manchester report on Council Vote, interview with James 2nd Feb 17


If you want to hear a particular councillor speak, the timings are as follows :

Pickstone motion 1:56:50/Wright 2:07:09/Gartside 2:09:15/Jones 2:15:02/Shori 2:17:10/Daly 2:21:50/Shori-2:24:20 2:25:51/Harris 2:27:24/Shori 2:31:31 - amendment/Comments 2:41:04/Shori 2:51:28/Vote 2:55:50/End 3:01:40


Individual votes in table below :


Councillor Party Vote – the motion to remain in the GMSF process Councillor Party Vote – the motion to remain in the GMSF process
Adams Labour For Bevan Conservative Against
Bayley Labour For Caserta Conservative Against
Black Labour For Daly Conservative Against
Briggs Labour For Gartside Conservative Against
Cathcart Labour For Gunther Conservative Against
Cummings Labour For Hankey Conservative Against
Fitzgerald Labour For Harris Conservative Against
Grimshaw Labour For Hodkinson Conservative Against
Haroon Labour For Hussain Conservative Against
Holt Labour For Keeley Conservative Against
James Labour For Kersh Conservative Against
Jones Labour For Nuttal Conservative Against
Kelly Labour For Schofield Conservative Against
Kerrison Labour For Silbiger Conservative Against
Lewis Labour For R Walker Conservative Against
Mallon Labour For I Wright Conservative Against
Mathews Labour For S Wright Lib Dem Against
McKay Labour For Pickstone Lib Dem Against
Obrien Labour For D'Albert Lib Dem Against
Parnell Labour For      
Preston Labour For      
Quinn Labour For      
Shori Labour For      
Skillen Labour For      
Smith Labour For      
Sarah Southworth Labour For      
Susan Southworth Labour For      
Tariq Labour For      
J Walker Labour For      
Walmsley Labour For      
Whitby Labour For      









The legal battle has now started to save Bury's Greenbelt, Please Donate to support this action.


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