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General Response Notes on Legality and Soundness for the overall plan.
General Legality and soundness.docx
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Specific Walshaw allocation (JPA 9) notes on Legality and Soundness.
Walshaw specific Legality and soundness.[...]
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Specific Elton Reservoir allocation (JPA 7) notes on Legality and Soundness.
Elton Specific Legality and[...]
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Specific Simister and Bowlee allocation (JP 1.2) notes on Legality and Soundness
Simister and Bowlee specific Legality an[...]
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Meeting with the Housing Minister

Cross party delegation to Westminster to question the GMSF figures with Housing Minister
Please find attached the minutes and conclusion prepared by the Bury Folk Chairman Chris Russell who attended the meeting as an independent witness.
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Friends of Bury Folk Public Meeting

Below some important points from our meeting on the 23rd Jan 2019.


MP Ivan Lewis: Are RS and JD prepared to challenge the government’s figures?  Why are we not using the 2016 figures so that we don’t have to use greenbelt land to accommodate the figures? 


Cllr. James Daly: Let’s challenge the figures and say we’re not accepting this; this is not acceptable for the people in Bury.  Let’s pull together a plan to tell the government we’re putting together a plan based on 2016 figures so that we don’t have to build on greenbelt. 


Cllr. Rishi Shori: I’m meeting with the Housing Minister on 12th February to discuss these figures.  Quote: “We would prefer to use the 2016 figures because that would mean no loss of greenbelt in GM”.  “Absolutely we will challenge these figures”.


FOBF Chair Chris Russell:  recalled a previous meeting where it was said that the figures would be challenged.  “But I believe that you’re telling us now that you’re going to pull together collectively, this is your chance.

Minutes from the Landmark meeting of the 23rd Jan 2019 @ Bury Town Hall
Adobe Acrobat document [746.4 KB]

We are compiling a wealth of information from expert organisations and individuals, historical planning and government decisions, material in news articles and lots lots more.   We are trying to get all this loaded up here for you to read and use in your objections, or to help with lobbying individuals and organisations that can make a difference. Thanks to everyone who is contributing material!


Apologies if it could be better organised on these pages, but hopefully each item is clearly titled.


If you have the time or inclination to contact different organisations, here are a few suggestions of who you could try.  Dont worry that someone else might have asked the same questions - its the people who shout the most and shout the loudest who get noticed, so lets get shouting!


The links to the websites/contact details for some of these are on the Links page



Your local councillors and MP


Local and national press

Local and national radio stations


CPRE - campaign for the protection of rural england


Natural England - the government agency who enforce SSSI's and SBI's - they have the power to override local planning decisions


Wildlife and Environmental organisations who are campaigning to protect or may have survey or expert information to help



Please do contact us with any useful documents, responses or information you get hold of, or suggestions for this page.


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