The current consultation period is over and we are awaiting the results.   Bury Council is currently creating a local plan which we would like to give protection to our greenbelt. 


In the meantime you can :


  • Become a member of Friends of Bury Folk to help keep the cause running. See our page for details


  • Contribute to the LOCAL PLAN to ensure it protects our greenbelt rather than just adopting the GMSF plans.  See the local plan page for more details.


  • Monitor planning applications in your area. What impact will it have on you and your families? How might it increase traffic and pollution? HOw will it impact the local wildlife? If planning has gone through are the builders adhering to the conditions eg protecting wildlife and surrounding area? - you can complain if you believe they aren't. You can check out applications on Bury Council planning website


  • Keep raising awareness of the proposals and our group with your friends, families and colleagues. Share, Share, Share!


If you have any help or information you can give us to support this cause, please join our facebook group or use the contact us page to get in touch.






Become a MEMBER


Annual General Meeting AGM

27th March at 19:15hrs


Tottington Library


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