Friends of Bury Folk Annual General Meeting

Dear Friends of Bury Folk Members you are invited to attend the AGM.

27th March at 19:15hrs @ The Bronte room at Tottington Library

Market St, Tottington, Lancashire BL8 3LL

All officers are willing to continue in their roles on the Committee. However, if anyone wishes to nominate themselves for a position on the Committee or has any matters that they wish to be discussed at the AGM then please notify the Secretary in writing prior to the AGM. Please could all members contact the Membership Secretary in advance to indicate if they are attending. Thank you.

Please contact James Mason (Secretary) by email to: or Kate Russell (Membership Secretary) by email to :

Housing Shortage?

Housing shortage? What the experts are saying By Evelyn Frearson
A very interesting informative document well worth a read.
Is there a housing shortage. What the Ex[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [823.8 KB]

Response to the Greenchurch report   7th Jan 2018

If the housing crisis and lack of brownfield site figures quoted by GMSF and Government propaganda, are to be believed, it means we are in a situation where we can’t afford to build luxury for a few. ‘Density’ must be the new buzzword.

A trend for people living alone means we need to build suitable property. Local Planning Authorities suggest 23.5 dwellings per hectare (dph). Compare with 500dph in areas of London and recent new builds in Bury at a density of nearer 15dph! 

Until a minimum density is reinstated, we will be held to ransom by developers building large family homes on greenfield sites, thus condemning the local community to a massive reduction in green space, clean air and a reduced quality of life.

Friends of Bury Folk full response to Greenchurch report
Friends of Bury Folk Brownfield Response[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [419.9 KB]

Download and view our High Impact posters

Elton Reservoir GMSF Housing Allocation Size 3460 Homes!
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Walshaw GMSF Housing Allocation Size 1250 Homes!
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Why is our greenbelt under threat?

Proposals have been made by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to release wide areas of green belt land so that it can be used for development.

How can you help?





If you want to show your support for the cause of "Bury Folk Keep it Green" in a practical way, why not become a member of the Friends of Bury Folk? 

Please see the Membership page for further details.


Please also see our What can I do? page for other ways you can support the cause.

link to GMSF consultation website


This group is campaigning against the proposals which affect land in Bury, however there are areas all over greater manchester which are affected. Please have a look at the GMSF website under section 28 'Allocations' to see where they all are. There are links to other groups who are campaigning to save these areas on our Contacts page)


Link to OA2 Elton Reservoir

Link to OA3 Walshaw

Link to OA4 Holcombe Brook

Link to OA5 Seedfield

Link to OA6 Baldingstone (Gin Hall and Bevis Green)


Link to Northern Gateway, various allocations around the M62/M66 junction



These first consultation phase on these proposals ended on 16th January 2017.  We are waiting to find out what the result of this consultation is, and when the next stage of consultation will be.





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Annual General Meeting AGM

27th March at 19:15hrs


Tottington Library


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